Do you want to find out more about crested geckos and their interesting habitat? Do you wish to learn the costs associated with acquiring such fascinating creatures?

Crested geckos are common pets because of their cuteness and sociability. Fans of reptiles find them appealing due to their eye-catching patterns and unique crests. What do you need to know before bringing one of these adorable animals home as a pet? How much does a crested gecko cost? These issues, and others, should be discussed.

We’ll explore crested geckos’ popularity among pet owners in this post. The cost and supply of crested geckos will also be looked into. Reading on will teach you about geckos and how to keep them as pets, whether you have them or not.

How Much are Crested Geckos?

crested gecko on white background

There are a lot of factors that affect how much crested geckos cost. It costs $30 to $60 for a gecko hatchling. A gecko’s color, design, and family tree affect its price. Adult crested geckos cost between $60 and $150, depending on their appearance.

The initial purchase price is essential, but crested gecko ownership includes continuing costs. This cute animal needs a warm cage with lights and heat, which can cost $100 to $200 or more, based on the size and quality. 

You’ll also need to set aside $10 to $20 monthly for crested gecko food and live bugs. You must take them to the vet regularly to keep them healthy and happy.

Factors Affecting Crested Gecko Prices

Learning about the factors that affect the price of crested geckos is important if you want to get one as a pet. Let’s look at the main things that can change how much crested geckos cost.

1. Morphs and Color Variations

2 different colors leopard gecko on a dark background

Crested geckos have many colors and patterns called “morphs.” Morphs that are rarer or more colorful are often sold for more money because they are so beautiful and special. Some fans are especially interested in crested geckos because of their bright colors, which makes them more valuable.

2. Age and Size

a crested gecko on a gray clothe

The price of a crested gecko can also change based on its age and size. It is usually cheaper to buy hatchling geckos than grown ones. A lot of the time, smaller geckos cost less, too. But as they get bigger, their value might go up, especially if they have unique qualities.

3. Genetics and Lineage

crested gecko crawling on a tree branch on a black background

Crested geckos’ genes and family tree are very important in deciding how much they cost. More money may be needed to buy geckos with good family histories or genetics. Breeders often keep very thorough records of a gecko’s ancestry, which can change how much it’s worth on the market.

4. Health and Condition

crested gecko on a log

The price of a crested gecko changes based on how healthy it is. Geckos that are healthy and don’t have any known medical problems are very desired. People who buy geckos want active, alert, and healthy ones.

5. Breeder Reputation

Close-Up Shot of a Person Holding a Leopard Gecko

The breeder’s reputation can also change the price of a crested gecko. Breeders who care about their geckos’ health and genetic variation may charge more. A good parent can promise you a good gecko.

Where to Buy Crested Gecko 

If you want to get a crested gecko, you need to know where to look for these beautiful animals. Let’s look at some different places to buy crested geckos!

1. Reputable Breeders

Reliable breeders offer healthy, well-cared-for crested geckos. These breeders focus on gecko breeding and provide various colors and shapes. They can also tell you about the gecko’s history and how to handle it.

2. Pet Stores and Expos

You can find crested geckos at pet stores and reptile events. It might have fewer varieties than producers, but it’s a good place to start. Gecko care experts should work at the shop or exhibition.

3. Online Marketplaces

Reptile groups and websites that act as online markets can be useful. Breeders and pet owners sell many crested geckos. Check the seller’s name and reviews to ensure you buy something safe online.

4. Rescue and Adoption Centers

Get a crested gecko from a rescue group or a pet owner and adopt it. You can save money by caring for a gecko yourself instead of buying one from a shop or breeder.

5. Social Media Groups

Reptile groups are on several social media sites. People in the group often trade, buy, or sell crested geckos. You can meet other gecko lovers and pick out the one you want.

Tips for Choosing a Crested Gecko

A pair of hands holding a Crested Gecko

Making an educated decision is essential if you want to have a positive and fulfilling time keeping a crested gecko as a pet. Here are some things to consider while picking out a crested gecko:

1. Health and Appearance

  • Check the gecko’s health as a whole. A healthy gecko will have clear eyes, smooth skin, and a full tail.
  • Pay attention to how the gecko’s skin looks. It shouldn’t have any scars, cuts, or skin stuck to it.
  • A healthy crested gecko should have a round body with no bones that can be seen and not be too heavy.

2. Behavior and Temperament

  • Carefully handle the gecko to get a sense of how it acts. A gecko that has been trained should be calm when you hold it.
  • Spend some time watching how the gecko acts. As a pet, a friendly and interested gecko is often a good choice. Stay away from geckos that are very shy or aggressive.

3. Documentation and Care Information

  • Inquire about the gecko’s lineage, birth date, and health history from the vendor.
  • Investigate the gecko’s preferred temperature range, humidity level, and dietary preferences. This information is crucial for providing high-quality care in the home.

4. Morph and Color Preferences

  • Pick the morph or color change that you like best. People who like geckos are drawn to certain types, so pick one that you like.
  • Remember that some morphs may cost more because they are harder to find or have cool features.

5. Source and Reputation

  • Buy from a trustworthy place, like a well-known breeder or a pet shop you know you can trust. Find out how well-known the seller is by reading reviews and asking other gecko lovers for advice.

Crested Gecko Price Fluctuations Over Time

Prices for crested geckos change over time depending on some factors. Like many pets, their costs are set by supply and demand. The price of a morph or color version may go up if many people want it. If quantity increases or a popular morph loses appeal, prices may go down.

The way the market works has a significant effect on these variations. As more people buy crested geckos as pets, prices may go up. When more breeders make a wider range of geckos, prices can decrease because of competition. 

What reptile enthusiasts want and how hard breeders and fans work to keep crested geckos healthy determine their pet costs.

Hidden Costs of Crested Gecko Ownership

You have to pay extra after getting a crested gecko. Animal food, habitat upkeep, and medical care are all ongoing costs. A terrarium, heating, lighting, and humidity control can cost $100 to $200 or more to keep your gecko healthy and comfy.

It costs $10 to $20 a month to feed your crested gecko a healthy diet of special food and live insects. Regular vet visits are important for your gecko’s health, and unplanned health problems can cost you money at the vet’s office. 


It can be fun to own a crested gecko, but you need to be careful. Before buying one of these unique pets, you must research its specific requirements. Consider the gecko’s pricing and quality, and make sure it’s the proper size, habitat, and care for your needs before purchasing.

To be a good pet owner, you must provide a stable, secure environment for your crested gecko and be willing and able to provide for its continuous care. If you put your gecko’s well-being first and do your homework, you can enjoy a deep and rewarding bond with it.


Is a Crested Gecko a Beginner Pet?

Yes, most people who have never had a pet choose crested geckos because they are small and easy to care for. But you should still study and care for them.

Are Crested Geckos Rare?

Not all crested geckos are rare, but some color morphs and variations are less common, making collectors want them more.

Are Crested Geckos Worth It?

People who love reptiles and are ready to give them the care and attention they need may find crested geckos worthwhile.