Have you ever thought about how picking the right name for your crested gecko can make it stand out? What does a name mean? What changes about the bond between you and your gecko?

Giving your new pet a name is fun, and choosing a name that fits their attitude is important. Like humans, geckos respond to their names, strengthening your bond. Let’s name your gecko and pick the appropriate name for his wonderful characteristics!

Understanding Geckos as Pets

a child holding a crested gecko

It’s easy for geckos to get along with people of all kinds of lives. People like these little reptiles as pets because they are interesting. Geckos are easy to care for, making them good pets for new and experienced pet owners. It is vital to give geckos the right food and surroundings.

Your gecko needs a large glass vivarium or tank that mimics its native surroundings to keep it healthy. Because they can climb, geckos require a tall tank to explore and feel at home. Enclosure temperature and humidity must be maintained. 

Most geckos thrive at temperatures between 75 and 84℉ during the day and 75 and 85℉ during the night. Your gecko will thrive in an environment with 60% to 80% relative humidity.

Another essential part of gecko care is diet. Crickets, mealworms, and roaches are their main diet as insectivores. Some species benefit from fruit or nectar supplementation. Diverse diets guarantee your gecko gets all the nutrients it needs.

It’s great that geckos can live in bioactive cages. A self-sustaining habitat is made up of live plants and natural substrates. Bioactive enclosures improve your gecko’s environment and keep its mind active. Microorganisms and insects that break down trash help keep the world clean. Geckos are interesting pets that are easy to care for and can bring joy and wonder into your life.

Why Names for Crested Geckos Matter

Giving your crested gecko a name is fun and shows your pet how much you care. There is a personal connection when you name your gecko, just like when you name a friend or family member. It makes people feel closer and more at ease. A gecko will come when you call it by name, strengthening your bond with it.

smiling leopard gecko crawling on the hand

As unique as each crested gecko is, so are their names. Your gecko can have a cute name that sounds like a person. Or pick names that draw attention to their cute and unique traits. Badass names can show how cool and hidden your gecko is and give it a unique look. You and your gecko will get along better if you give it a name that fits both of you. 

Top Crested Gecko Name Ideas for This Year

This is where to find the perfect crested gecko name! Giving your gecko a name lets you show off its unique attitude. The best crested gecko names of this year are on this list. Because they sound nice, these names are popular for pets with scales.

  1. Buddy: This standard name shows how friendly your gecko is.
  2. Luna: It is an excellent name for a gecko whose skin has beautiful patterns that look like the moon.
  3. Pebbles: Ideal for a gecko with a textured, pebble-like appearance.
  4. Ziggy: It is a fun and silly name for an energetic gecko.
  5. Willow: An excellent name for a gecko with a serene and graceful disposition.
  6. Tango: A gecko with bright and eye-catching colors.
  7. Spike: It is an edgy and hip name for a gecko with spiky characteristics.
  8. Noodle: This name is appropriate for a slim, flexible gecko that moves like a noodle.
  9. Olive: An unusual and earthy name for a green gecko.
  10. Nova: A name that reflects your gecko’s beauty and brilliance

Gecko Names Male

Leopard gecko on top of a human's hand

Name your male gecko anything that reflects his unique qualities and charm. Here is a list of possible names for a male gecko, all taken from English. For your male pet, these names are significant. They give your gecko a unique personality.

  1. Charlie: It is a warm and classic name for your male gecko.
  2. Max: It is a reliable and time-tested option that works for any gecko.
  3. Leo: A gecko with a fiery personality might love this name.
  4. Oliver: A classy and elegant name for your reptile friend.
  5. Buddy: It is a cute name that shows how close you are to your gecko.
  6. Henry: Great for a gecko that has a royal and noble look.
  7. Finn: It is a cool and modern name for a gecko with a cool vibe.
  8. Sam: A simple, nice name that your gecko will like.
  9. Rocky: Great for a gecko that likes to be rough and wild.
  10. Milo: It is a lovely and fun choice for a pet’s name.

Female Crested Gecko Names

a female gecko holding in one hand

Picking out the right name for your female crested gecko is a fun way to honor her uniqueness and interest. This list of human-derived female gecko names can help you choose the ideal one for your special companion.

  1. Lily: It is a classic and beautiful name for a beautiful female gecko.
  2. Sophie: This name is perfect for a gecko with a classy and polished personality.
  3. Mia: It is a cute and sweet name for a cute gecko.
  4. Zoe: Great for a female gecko that likes to take risks and be active.
  5. Emma: It is a classic and cherished choice for your reptilian pal.
  6. Ruby: It is great for a gecko because it has bright colors that stand out.
  7. Bella A name that implies elegance and grace.
  8. Lucy: It is warm and inviting, just what a social gecko needs.
  9. Coco: A cute and fun name for a very active gecko
  10. Aria: It is unique and melodic, just right for a gecko with an engaging personality.

Unisex Gecko Names

Names for geckos that can be used by either sexes are called “unisex” names. Gender-neutral gecko names are included below. No matter the gecko’s habitat or gender, any of these names would be perfect.

  1. Sunny: The name is bright and positive, perfect for any kind of gecko.
  2. Cosmo: It is a name for geckos that are from another world.
  3. Peanut: It is a sweet and appealing name for any gecko.
  4. Sapphire: A gem-inspired name with a hint of class.
  5. Oreo: Ideal for geckos with bright colors or patterns.
  6. Whisper: A delicate and gentle name that suits all types of geckos.
  7. Rascal: Suitable for mischievous and playful geckos.
  8. Tinker: A quirky name that suits curious geckos.
  9. Pebble: Simple and earthy, ideal for natural-looking geckos.
  10. Lucky: A name that brings luck to any gecko.

Cute and Funny Gecko Names

Adding a funny or cute element to the name of your crested gecko can help show off its unique personality even more. We’ve compiled this list of funny and cute gecko names to make you laugh and perfectly fit your friendly and playful pet.

  1. Squiggles: A name that perfectly describes your gecko’s wiggly and squiggly motions.
  2. Nibbles: Perfect for a gecko who likes to climb or nibble on its food.
  3. Pickle: It is a funny and cute name for a tiny green gecko.
  4. Waffles: This is great for geckos that look bumpy or rough.
  5. Jellybean: A colorful and fun name for your gecko.
  6. Peekaboo: Fun and appropriate for a gecko who likes to hide and surprise you.
  7. Scooter: Great for a gecko that moves quickly and is energetic.
  8. Pumpkin: It is a cute name for geckos that look like pumpkins or orange leaves.
  9. Snickers: They are as delicious and nutty as your pet gecko.
  10. Fuzzball: The perfect accessory for a velvety gecko.
Male Crested Gecko NamesFemale Crested Gecko NamesUnisex Crested Gecko Names


Giving your crested gecko a name is a wonderful way to recognize it as an individual and strengthen your bond with it. Spend some time thinking about what makes your gecko unique, and use that as inspiration for a name.

Remember that the best name is one that fits you and your scaly friend, whether it sounds like a person, is charming and funny, or can be used by boys and girls. Choose a name that makes you happy since it will represent the importance of your gecko to you. Have fun naming!


What Should I Name My Crested Gecko?

You should name your crested gecko after its personality, not after a person, something charming and hilarious, or something for boys and girls.

What are Japanese Names for Geckos?

Japanese geckos have names like Sakura, which means cherry blossom; Yuki, which means snow; and Hana, which means flower. Giving your pet a Japanese name can give it a unique cultural flair.

What are the Best Names for Lizards?

Lizard names that sound like or describe anything unique about them are the best. Names like “Spike,” “Luna,” or “Ziggy” may be appropriate, but it all depends on the type of lizard you have.