Have you ever wondered how long leopard geckos can live? What makes these little reptiles such intriguing pets? 

Leopard geckos are quite popular among reptile enthusiasts. Pet owners cherish them because they are small, lively, and endearing. But were you aware that there are gecko species that can outlive humans?

Leopard geckos have always captivated many people. Their unique color patterns, beautiful eyes, and ability to be trained make them captivating pets. One of their standout features is their remarkable lifespan.

They live a long time. What’s their secret? This article provides information about leopard geckos and sheds light on how they came to be in the first place. 

Join us as we explore the world’s oldest leopard gecko and other fascinating creatures.

Unveiling The Oldest Living Leopard Gecko

Gertrude: the oldest leopard gecko living alive
Facebook | Photo from Coastal Aquariums & Pet Supplies

Gertrude is the oldest leopard gecko still alive. She just turned 40! A ReptiFiles Facebook post revealed that Gertrude is the oldest leopard gecko in the world. She had a long life because of her owner’s affection and attention. Gertrude is very old for a leopard gecko—they typically survive 15 to 20 years in captivity.

The extended lifespans of geckos, like Gertrude, evidence the importance of proper care and administration. Her incredible journey was made possible mainly due to her dedicated owner’s care in providing her with the best possible surroundings, diet, and medical attention.

This inspiring account exemplifies the deep connection that may develop between human beings and their exotic pet companions. It also highlights the significance of being a conscientious pet owner in ensuring the well-being of these fascinating creatures.

The Leopard Gecko (Eublepharis macularius)

Leopard Gecko on a rock

Leopard geckos, scientifically known as Eublepharis macularius. These fascinating lizards live in the deserts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Their sleek bodies with irregular patches, robust tails they can shed as protection, and enormous, expressive eyes make them instantly recognized. Also, their variety of vocalizations makes them attractive.

Geckos are wonderful pets since they are colorful, tiny, and friendly. As long as they are maintained, clean, and not hurt too much, they are wonderful for anyone interested in reptiles. These geckos can do quite well in captivity if given the proper diet, environment, and care. Their nocturnal activity and hunting instincts make them fascinating reptile pets.

Factors Influencing Leopard Gecko Lifespan

Before discussing leopard geckos’ lifespans, we must understand their overall health. Thinking about genetics, food, habitat, veterinary care, and more is essential. Let’s look at how these factors change the longevity of these interesting reptiles:


A leopard gecko’s general health and how long it might live depend on its genes. Some gecko’s stronger genes may make them less susceptible to illness and other health issues.


Leopard Gecko diet: crickets

It’s crucial to feed leopard geckos a balanced diet. They should eat live bugs, like crickets and mealworms that have been dusted with calcium and vitamin pills to ensure they get all the nutrients they need to grow and live a long time.

Habitat Conditions

leopard gecko coming from their hideout place

Setting up the right conditions is very important. By keeping their area at the right temperature, humidity, and substrate level, you can help leopard geckos do well and feel less stressed, which can help them live longer.

Veterinary Care

Leopard Gecko Mouth Checkup at the Vet

Regular check-ups with a vet who knows about reptiles can help find and treat health problems early on. Care that keeps them healthy, like deworming and vaccines, can significantly affect how long they live.

Handling and Stress

a pair of hand holding a leopard gecko

Reducing stress and handling geckos gently is crucial. If you handle leopard geckos too often or rough, they can get stressed, affecting their health and shortening their lives. 

Comparing Leopard Gecko Lifespan with Other Lizards

Among lizards, leopard geckos have the longest lifespan. Leopard geckos outlive most other lizards by a significant margin, surviving up to 20 years in captivity.

Captive adaptation contributes to their long longevity. Leopard geckos do well with the right temperature, food, and living place. Their little stature allows them to recover from illness more rapidly than larger lizards.

People often keep leopard geckos as pets because they are peaceful and quiet. Eliminating stress improves the health of lizards and other animals, which can extend their lives. Leopard geckos live a long time if they are well cared for, making them great pets for reptiles.

Role of Captive Care in Gecko Longevity

Before discussing how to extend a leopard gecko’s life through care in captivity, we must understand why responsible pet ownership is important. With the proper care, these geckos can live longer.

Habitat Setup

Setting up the right atmosphere is very important. Keep the cage safe by ensuring it has the right amount of heat and light. Make sure the ground is safe for your gecko, and give it places to hide for safety.

Feeding Practices

Give them a varied diet of live bugs, like crickets and mealworms, along with calcium and vitamin tablets. Clean water and appropriately sized food should always be available for your gecko.

Temperature and Humidity

Maintain an ideal environment, including the proper temperature and humidity. A temperature difference helps them control their body temperature, and the right amount of humidity helps them shed.


Lessen the amount of touching to keep them calm. Handle your gecko carefully and gently when needed, but only handle them a little.

Veterinary Care

Regular check-ups with a vet can find and treat health problems early on. Do what they say about getting vaccinated, getting rid of worms, and other prevention care.

Longevity Records and Their Significance

We can guess how long leopard geckos live by looking at records. Leopard geckos kept as pets have lived for more than 15 to 20 years. These amazing geckos, like Gertrude, who turned 40, show the gecko’s long life.

The records of how long leopard geckos live are important because they show what kind of surroundings and care can make them live longer. They show that caring for and owning pets ethically is good for longevity. 

They help protect wildlife by spreading information about leopard geckos and the places where they live. If we understand the factors affecting their lives, we can better protect these interesting reptiles and ensure they live on for future generations.

Final Remarks

A leopard gecko can make a wonderful pet if you give it the attention and care it needs. We owe it to our pets to give them a place to live free from harm, with good food and regular medical attention.

By learning what makes leopard geckos live so long, we can give our pets the best chance for a long, happy life. Let us cherish these incredible creatures forever in our memories by doing all we can to ensure their success.


What is the Rarest Leopard Gecko?

The raptor morph is considered one of the rarest types of leopard geckos because of its unique coloration and pattern.

Are Leopard Geckos Hard to Keep Alive?

Leopard geckos are easy to care for and keep alive with the right environment, food, and care. This means they can be good pets for sensible people.

Can I Leave My Leopard Gecko for 4 Days?

You can leave your leopard gecko for four days if you ensure it has enough food and water before you leave. These reptiles are tough and can go for short amounts of time without direct care, but it’s important to make sure their habitat stays stable while you leave.