Are you searching for the ideal name for your pet gecko? Do you want a name that is both fun and creative while also capturing the unique personality of your reptilian companion? Are you seeking inspiration for a male or female gecko, a distinctive leopard gecko, or one reminiscent of Draco Malfoy?

When it comes to naming your pet gecko, the possibilities are endless. One of the exciting aspects of owning a gecko is selecting a name that captures its individuality. Gecko names can range from adorable and lighthearted to clever and pun-intended. 

Whether you have a male or female gecko, you can find names that fit their gender. However, gecko names don’t make a clear difference between male and female, so unisex names are also popular. 

Understanding Geckos as Pets

A small gecko was placed on the man's palm.

Geckos make amazing pets that can easily fit into most lifestyles. These fascinating reptiles are known for their unique appearance and quirky behaviors, making them popular among reptile owners.

Here are some key points to understand about keeping geckos as pets:

  1. Geckos Fit Various Lifestyles: Geckos are low-maintenance pets, perfect for busy reptile owners.
  2. Habitat Essentials: Geckos need a tall glass vivarium with branches and hideouts. Ensure proper ventilation and a secure lid.
  3. Temperature and Humidity: Maintain temperatures of 85 to 90°F (29 to 32°C) on the warm side and 75 to 80°F (24 to 27°C) on the cool side. Aim for 50 to 70% humidity.
  4. Balanced Diet: Geckos are insectivorous, eating crickets, mealworms, and roaches. Some geckos enjoy fruit-based or powdered diets. Consult a reptile expert.
  5. Bioactive Enclosures: In bioactive setups, live plants and natural substrate mimic geckos’ natural environment and reduce cleaning frequency.

Now that you understand geckos as pets, let’s dive into the fun world of gecko names to find the perfect one for your new lizard friend! From cute and unique names to pop-culture-inspired ones, we’ll explore options that suit both male and female geckos.

Why Names for Geckos Matter

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Naming your pet, including geckos, is more than just a fun activity. It holds significant importance in forming a bond and expressing affection. Here’s why names for geckos matter:

Personal Connection

Giving your gecko a name lets you establish a personal connection with your pet. It creates a sense of familiarity and emotional attachment. When you call your gecko by its name, it recognizes your voice and connects with you as its owner.

Expression of Affection

Naming your gecko is a way to express your affection toward them. It shows that you value and care for your pet. The act of naming is an opportunity to demonstrate love and appreciation for your gecko’s unique qualities and personality.

Enhanced Interaction

Having a name for your gecko makes interactions more engaging and enjoyable. You can use their name to get their attention, call them over, or have a playful interaction. It strengthens the bond between you and your pet, making the overall experience of owning a gecko more fulfilling.

Individuality and Identity

Every gecko is unique, and a name adds to their individuality and identity. It distinguishes them from other geckos and reinforces their presence as a beloved member of your household. A well-chosen name can reflect their characteristics and appearance or even incorporate elements from pop culture, like a favorite book or movie character.

Names for Male Geckos

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In this list, we’ve gathered a collection of leopard gecko names for males inspired by human names, including some references to beloved characters, like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. These names are for male geckos and are sure to suit their unique personalities. 

Check out the list below and find the ideal name for your male gecko companion!

Names For Female Geckos

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These female leopard gecko names capture their unique personalities and charm. From playful and adventurous to graceful and gentle, these names suit your female pet lizard. Check out the list below and find the ideal name for your unique leopard gecko companion!

Unisex Gecko Names

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Each name comes with a description that tells you about the gecko’s personality traits. Imagine what kind of gecko companion you’ll have based on these descriptions. Pick a name that matches your gecko’s unique personality, and get ready to form an incredible bond with your reptilian friend. 

Cute Leopard Gecko Names

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These cute gecko names suit male and female geckos. Your gecko’s personality matches each name’s charm. Whether your gecko is a lively bundle of energy or a peaceful and loving pet, these names demonstrate how cute they are and add to their cuteness. 


Giving your gecko a name is a special way to get close to it and show love. Think about what makes them special and choose a name that fits them. It could be cute, cool, or funny. Find the right name for your gecko that matches its personality and enjoy the special connection that comes with it.


What is a Good Name for a Gecko?

A good gecko name expresses their individuality and provides you and your pet joy. Choose from normal names like Charlie or Lily, charming names like Coco or Peanut, or badass ones like Blaze or Venom. 

Do Geckos Learn Their Names?

No, geckos don’t typically learn their names like dogs or cats do.

What Should I Name My Gecko?

Choosing a name for your gecko is a personal decision. Consider your gecko’s personality, appearance, and any characteristics that stand out.

Can I Name My Gecko After the Geico Gecko?

Yes, naming your gecko after the Geico gecko can be a fun and unique choice. It’s a nod to pop culture and can add a touch of humor to your gecko’s name.

Are There any Gecko Names with English Origins?

Yes, there are gecko names with English origins that can be a great fit for your pet’s personality.  Some examples include names like Lily, Max, Ruby, Oliver, or Stella.