Can crested geckos share a room? Due to their cuteness and little upkeep, these intriguing critters are becoming popular pets. If you’re an ambitious reptile enthusiast or a curious pet owner, you might be wondering if two crested geckos can coexist.

Crested geckos are popular pets because they’re unique and easy to care for. Their bright colors and back crests tell these little lizards apart. It’s easy to care for crested geckos, so they’re great for beginners. 

What happens when two crested geckos share space? Many people who own crested geckos have seen them in pairs or groups, which suggests they live together. It’s impressive to see them communicate and live together. It raises an important question: should crested geckos be kept separate, or can they live together?

The Natural Instincts of Crested Geckos

crested gecko on the plants

In the wild, crested geckos like to be alone. Reptiles that live alone and protect their territory look for their own space. Crested geckos live in the dense forests of New Caledonia. They like their own area and often use leaves and branches to mark their territory.

Their tendency to live alone comes from how they evolved. They had become completely independent and could ensure their own survival without outside help. No matter how captivity affects them, they still choose solitude.

Crested geckos compete in pet enclosures. If given enough food and shelter, they may behave like wild animals. These natural actions are crucial for determining crested gecko compatibility.

Keeping Crested Geckos Together: Pros and Cons

After discussing crested geckos’ instincts, let’s discuss the pros and cons of keeping these fascinating animals together. Even though it seems like a great idea, living with gecko buddies has pros and cons. Consider the pros and cons before making a health-related decision for your crested gecko.

Crested Gecko Couple on Tree Branch

Benefits of Keeping Two Crested Geckos Together

Before we get into the downsides, let’s discuss the possible benefits of keeping crested geckos together. This is only a brief rundown:

  1. Companionship: Providing a crested gecko friend can help reduce feelings of loneliness, as they are social creatures.
  2. Behavioral Observation: You may learn about geckos’ natural habits by watching how they interact with one another. It can also make watching reptiles more fun.
  3. Space Sharing: If given enough room and the right conditions, crested geckos can sometimes live together happily in the same enclosure. This makes it a good choice for people with little pet room.

Potential Risks of Keeping Two Crested Geckos Together

Knowing the risks is essential before choosing to keep two crested geckos together. Here is a brief list:

  1. Territorial Conflicts: Due to their natural territorial instincts, crested geckos may experience stress or violence if housed together.
  2. Health Concerns: The health of crested geckos is negatively impacted when they share an area because of the increased likelihood of infections and parasites.
  3. Dietary Challenges: Ensuring both geckos get enough food can be hard because one might control food access, throwing their diet out of whack.

Cohabitation and Gender Dynamics

It is very important to understand how gender affects crested gecko living. The behavior and territory of male and female geckos differ, much as they would in the wild. By observing these behaviors, you can create an ideal environment for these fascinating reptiles to call home.

Can 2 Female Crested Geckos Live Together?

No matter how tolerant crested geckos are of one another, you should still be careful with them. Cohabitation between geckos is usually not an issue because females are usually tamer and less aggressive than males. Remember that food and hiding spot fights can still happen.

In the wild, female crested geckos may share areas, but when they are kept as pets, they can’t. So, for two female crested geckos to live together happily, they need enough space, hiding places, and various foods. These fascinating reptiles can live happily if they are watched over regularly, and their setting is changed.

Can 2 Male Crested Geckos Live Together?

Male crested geckos are protective and can be aggressive, so they shouldn’t be kept together. Male crested geckos fight over territory and food in the wild and captivity. If two males fight for power in the same enclosure, they will fight a lot.

When male crested geckos live together, they can hurt or kill each other. They naturally fight over territory and resources, which can lead to stress, violence, and harm. Male crested geckos should be kept in different enclosures so they don’t fight and stay healthy.

The Exception: Cohabiting for Breeding

crested gecko on a red background

Crested geckos should be kept away from each other except when they are breeding. In this very rare case, male and female breeding is allowed. Fans of reptiles like to breed crested geckos, and it is normal for them to live together while mating.

Remember that this cohabitation is transient and should be observed. The male and female must be kept separate in cages after mating. Living together all the time could hurt and stress out the female, so this separation saves her. Breeders help these fascinating reptiles reproduce successfully by providing a safe and controlled habitat for male and female geckos.

Addressing Loneliness Concerns

People naturally feel empathy for their pets and worry about them being lonely. Crested geckos don’t get lonely like people do. They are crepuscular, which means they are active at dawn and dusk and have adapted to solitary living.

Crested geckos do well on their own. They look for food and mates in the wild when it’s dark. This crepuscular movement continues when they are captured. They may not be lonely, but they do like a well-designed home with places to hide, plants, and trees to check out when they’re not busy. 

Giving crested geckos an interesting environment feeds their natural instincts and keeps them happy. People put their thoughts onto their pets, but understanding the crested gecko’s unique personality helps us respect its ability to live alone.


We must emphasize cautious decision-making to conclude our crested gecko cohabitation discussion. Even if your gecko pets are interesting, you should always prioritize their health. You need to know their feelings, actions, and risks to make environments that meet their needs.

Crested geckos’ unique traits must be considered before choosing a pet. Every decision affects the health and happiness of these fascinating reptiles, whether it’s breeding two females or comprehending the risks of mating two males. By remaining informed and establishing natural habitats, we help our crested gecko friends thrive and be happy.


Can I Keep Two Male Crested Geckos Together?

It’s strongly not recommended because they are territorial and violent, which could cause problems and even harm.

Is It Safe to House Two Female Crested Geckos Together?

While females tend to be less territorial, you should still be careful. There can still be fights over food or safe places to hide.

How Much Space Do Two Crested Geckos Need?

Two crested geckos must be kept in separate enclosures to keep them from fighting over territory. A 20-gallon tank is recommended for one gecko, so two would need twice that much room.

What is the Exception for Cohabiting Geckos?

If a male and female are briefly housed together for breeding reasons, that is the only acceptable situation. They should be kept apart after mating.

Can Crested Geckos Get Lonely if Kept Alone?

No, crested geckos don’t feel lonely the way people do. They are usually solitary and have gotten used to living alone at dawn and dusk.